Some fresh news about Gachon Pothier

Many of you have come to see us at the shop in recent months (can we say in recent years?). To discover our collections of jewels which have become famous that we love to create before you, to return to buy a pair of sheep skin slippers because your best girlfriend  have stung yours, tell us about your travels and share with us your aptitude to happiness, To pass in blow of wind to get  inspired by our bohemian spirit and nomad chic in fashion, accessories and déco, to crack on our objects of unconventional decoration often unpublished, always comfortable that we mix to create our universe aestheticool and take pleasure to bring back from the whole world to you where they are made by demanding craftsmen like us.

From a nomadic inspiration, in a gentle and serene way, our universe fed with a bohemian fantasy now combines unique pieces (jewels), essentials for the home (carpets, cushions, bed linen, dishes, ceramics …) Irresistible “favorites” (slippers, shoes, clothes, bags, scarves …) to offer to your loved ones or simply for you.

We have also seen  you again and again to renew your stock of candle Gachon Pothier with the fragrances of wild flowers and aromatic plants of the Tuscan countryside sublimated by a trace of Orient. The olfactory expression of Tuscan painting of the beginning of the century influenced by the oriental pomp of the Medici’s.

For all that we say thank you!

So to give you news and share with you this nomadic conception of existence we take back our pens and we will drop our news and envies here.

A tour of the Gachon Pothier shop?

La boutique Gachon-Pothier Deco La boutique atelier Gachon Pothier

CHAUSSONS-MOUTON-RETOURNE-1024x1024 Mitaines peau retournée Gachon Pothier BAGUE-GYPSY-RUBIS--1024x1024 COLLIER-FORMENTERA-ROUGE1-1004x1024 silk-scarf-brownBougie-Gachon-Pothier-1024x1006

We welcome you from Tuesday to Saturday at 26 rue Saintonge in the Marais (75003 Paris).

From our online store you can have your order sent anywhere in the world.

We are also on social networks, follow us on Facebook, Instagram and share the universe we love on Pinterest.

A kiss for you all.

Florence & Alexandrine (aka the girls of Gachon Pothier)

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