The Quintessential Quilt & Cushion

EdredonsWe have a soft spot for edredons – the French cushion and quilt that we found in our grandparents’ bedrooms or rolled up on our beds. The big fluffy mass on which we could devour books, dream, sleep or lounge as children.

Quilt cushions are reminiscent of the past, when every household had some to keep warm on cold nights – the kind of item or cozy concept that is passed on from mother to daughter, generation after generation. Nevertheless, Alexandrine and I longed for a more modern version of these large down-filled cushions to share with our families, our mission was to take the edredons beyond comfort and create them in all sizes and colors to become modern accent pieces and true parts of the home.

Our quilt cushions are both decorative and cozy. They dress the bedroom up more easily than a bedspread and are multi-functional… easily transforming from a bed cushion, to a living room floor cushion for the kids, to an outdoor-proof garden cushion. Soft, sumptuous and lightweight – they delight the young and old alike.

Our re-invented edredons quilt cushions are leaner than those of the past, and adapt more easily to our current lifestyle. If the fabrics of our current collection are not exactly what you’re dreaming of, a custom order from a swatch of curated fabrics makes it easy to add the perfect detail to your bedroom. Dreaming of feathers, fibers or a blend of the two? Anything is possible.

With a cold winter ahead, every detail counts!

Take a look at our quilt cushions or browse the home accessories collection.

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