Let’s talk about Socks!


Attention hipsters: why should socks be dull, or even a fashion “faux-pas”, when they can be the ultimate accessory? This seems to be the question Coralie and Emeline, the co-founders of Paris-based brand Pas Chassé decided to answer at the end of 2012.

Since then, this dynamic duo creates elegant and colourful limited edition socks that pimp shoes, ankles, legs, silhouette, in other words, a woman’s style.

All pairs are crafted in France, near Troyes where the sock industry had originally its roots, back in the XIXth century. Socks are 14cm high, not too high, not too low, 100% made of micromodal, a vegetal fiber with tons of hygroscopic properties and an even softer touch than mercerized cotton.

You can now find their latest collection at Gachon Pothier, 26 rue de Saintonge 75003 Paris.

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