The Beautiful Gachon Pothier Shop


Gachon Pothier was born from a love of balance between the raw and precious: the colours, textures and cultures behind inspired living; enchanting surroundings and their artisanal roots. Designers Alexandrine and Florence have an affinity for easy luxury pieces made from the finest materials around the world. Gachon Pothier is the result of a shared passion for the bohemian-chic aesthetic, which is translated into a diverse treasure trove of collectables, both lavish and laid back.


A fresh take on traditional styling sees modern pieces reworked from antique materials and old world ideals applied to modern living. Ancient woven tapestries woven by nomadic tribes are re-energized with slick contrasts and plush fabrics, sumptuous leather pouches and vibrant cord bracelets are embellished with burnished beading and everyday essentials for the bathroom and bedroom are infused with a hint of exotic extravagance. The simplicity is preserved in every thread and runs through every weave; all we add is a rich seam of creative flare. Subtle surprises, exciting details and exclusive one-of-a-kind pieces are inspired by discoveries from our travels around the world. Whether curated from Moroccan markets, collected from tribes of Turkish travelers or created in the Parisian workshop, these poignant pieces have a collective story to tell and a mutual beauty to be appreciated.


Gachon Pothier, a loving nod to the designer’s grandparents, is wrapped up in the nostalgia of youth and the cocooning quilts of their childhood. From these sentimental beginnings came chic tribal jewellery, ornate accessories, vintage homewares, ethnic-inspired soft furnishings and the design of contemporary spaces, all forming part of this continuing journey. Incorporating new and old, rare and innovative, imperfect and polished, is at the core of Gachon Pothier, who seek to inspire with highlights of beauty, superior quality, timeless luxury and everyday indulgence with a good helping
of bohemian whimsy.